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Paper Reviewed
Liu, W., Zhong, W. and Wargocki, P. 2017. Performance, acute health symptoms and physiological responses during exposure to high air temperature and carbon dioxide concentration. Building and Environment 114: 96-105.

At its present concentration (~405 ppm), atmospheric CO2 poses no direct health threat to human or animal life. However, in a world where fake news seems to get more media exposure than the truth, unfounded rumor and false fears are spread that rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations are causing a host of human health-related maladies.

While it is true that very high concentrations of atmospheric CO2 can produce a state of hypercapnia (Nahas et al., 1968; Brackett et al., 1969; van Ypersele de Strihou, 1974)...

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"aspartame may generate METHANOL by hydrolysis"

 "Methanol has a high toxicity in humans."

from EU is requested to re-evaluation of aspartame (E951) hazard in 2013 and still did not get answer:

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Harvard research

"We purposely fluoridate a
range of everyday products, notably
toothpaste and drinking water, because
for decades we have believed that fluoride in small doses has no adverse effects
on health to offset its proven benefits in
preventing dental decay."

"we have believed that fluoride in small doses has no adverse effects on health"

You can buy it (see uses):

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